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- dumpings of the polluting substances in a surface water, territorial and internal sea waters, and also the underground horizons, including the dumpings made by the enterprises through system of the municipal sewerage;

standards of ecological safety (the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of the polluting substances in surrounding environment, maximum permissible levels of acoustic, electromagnetic, radiative and other harmful effects on surrounding environment, the maximum permissible content of harmful substances in food;

And very often on places "forget" that payments for pollution of surrounding environment have to come to city and village councils, and regional and regional can receive only part of payments for use natural resursov.1

The standard of a payment for emissions and dumpings of the polluting substances and placement of waste within the set limits is the size of a payment for one ton of the concrete polluting substance or a class of the polluting substance.

The central place among the listed ecological standards is taken by standards of the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of harmful substances in the atmosphere, reservoirs, soils, and standards of maximum permissible emissions (PD of harmful substances stationary and mobile sources of pollution.

"Conciliatory mechanisms are based on expansion of a circle of the organizations and persons participating in development and decision-making on involvement in this process of those who on administrative hierarchy would should not participate in it at all.

The current state of environment testifies that environmental problems are caused by two major factors: wasteful use of natural resources which reduces efficiency of the biosphere, and pollution which threatens all live, first of all to wellbeing of the person and his health

The enterprises, the institutions and the organizations observing a state surrounding natural sets are obliged to collect and is termless to store primary data on a state surrounding natural sets, to process, generalize and free of charge to provide data of supervision and other information on the requirement of executive authorities in addition to forms of the statistical reporting.