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It is noticeable that the representatives of technical science until recently treating this activity very watchfully in the last decade of steel more and more seriously and validly to treat similar works. Geographers and ecologists even more often receive requests and instructions to analyse possible consequences of implementation of these or those large projects of use of natural resources, to give the forecast of consequences of technical impacts on the nature, to develop norms of load of natural complexes, to take part in development of standards. The section "the forecast of change of the nature under the influence of the offered design construction" becomes important part of the project.

Interaction between geographical spheres is considerably concretized in modern ideas of geosystems. The last briefly can be defined as terrestrial spaces of all dimensions where separate components of the nature are in system communication with each other and as a certain integrity interact with the space sphere and human society.

Growth of quantity, a variety and in particular relics of technical means, increase in components of the nature and the spaces covered by influence of technical complexes - aggravated a problem. Sharply increased not only scientific, but, first of all public interest in a problem.

The main activity of the scientist is reduced, first of all, to identification of opportunity or impossibility of "description" of technical systems in natural complexes. From here and a form of contact, typical for this stage, with technical science - "examination" of options of technical solutions and projects.

The second stage - counteractions - is closer to us on time. In increasing frequency naturalists, perfectly seeing and sharply perceiving negative consequences of impact of technical means on the nature, began to formulate the purpose of the researches and practical activities as fight for minimization of destructions of the nature (in particular live) technical systems. Here nature protection approach started acting into the forefront.

Therefore that at the first two stages not only the nature and equipment, but also technical science, and natural sciences act as though the systems connected among themselves, but sharply differing. The traditions of opposition of the nature and equipment, natural sciences and technical science considered above expressed in various forms caused also emergence of many conflicts between naturalists and design engineers. At the heart of the similar conflicts, the unilateral understanding of a problem "nature equipment" often lies.

The idea of complexity in this case is realized in representation that interaction of natural geosystems and technical systems so strongly that it creates opportunity to consider their set as new object of scientific research and design.

As it was already noted, natural and technical geosystems represent complete education - "the population – economy – the nature". In this regard, the problem of interaction of technical science and natural sciences is very sharp.

Need of the accounting of these three important circumstances put equipment and natural sciences before need of transition to the third stage - to a stage of joint actions. For this stage typically designing of the new object of research connected with ideas of the interacting natural and technical systems as uniform complex system education.