What It Takes To Think Like A Chess Master

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Space - very known and favourite club of DJs and party-goers of the whole world. It is located directly at a runway of the airport - when the next plane comes in the land, on an open dance floor thousands of hands fly up up, and the enthusiastic roar of the raging clubbers is rolled. Very much we recommend!

You can feel the millionaire, having supper in the idyllic atmosphere of the local beach restaurants chosen by us for you which remain the warm summer nights opened really late. Test a charm and romanticism: having had supper under stars, it is possible to walk to an empty beach and to lap in silk heat of the luminescing sea. Later you will taste delightful local liqueur, savouring these magic moments of your life.

It something between ambiyenty and an acide house. The trance is much safer for eardrums, than any techno, but under it it is possible to dance perfectly. The purpose of this music - to transfer you to other worlds by means of the movement. Plastic and accurate, very "space", the trance seldom overcomes a mark of "150 bpm" (150 beats per minute).