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Public. Here come first of all to relatives so a special abyss between visitors and never was local. Well and of course, numerous archeologists are blissfully happy (if is admissible to call work as a pick and shovel on a heat so). To two tens expeditions work during a season, including with aqualungs, in search of the flooded treasures.

Very best. The center of Sevastopol - the high hill in an environment of three remarkably built up streets and three areas is simply continuous exposition. Everywhere monuments and exotic greens. Primorsky Boulevard with the well-known Monument to the flooded ships and Count pier is especially good.

For anybody a secret that all beach entertainments serve in the reliable way - for the man to prove to be the dashing, hazardous, reckless, but careful gentleman, and for the lady - in plenty to navizzhatsya and poprizhimatsya to strong and more and more desired body. Resort flirtation since the XIX century was ornament.

Sudaksky Kurortny district is formed rather recently therefore here the expanse for automobile tourism and to the tourist-peshekhodniku is not worse (and also to "horselover" and fans of all other active ways of movement). Special "a Cimmerian landscape", the abundance of nature sanctuaries and history which is fairly flavored with excellent fruit and wines.

Public. Appeal and chic of Yalta have no logical explanation at all and are not reduced to the sum of any favorable climatic and other indicators at all. The best that happens in Yalta (perhaps, the best to the world is a fall, "velvet season", this expression appeared at the beginning of the century exactly here: when the city there left the public the employee (engineers, teachers, professorate, officials, etc.), Yalta was filled with persons of liberal professions (artists, writers). The first on clothes designated print public, and the second - velvet.

Very best. Certainly, it is the Embankment. It is not declared by an architecture monument. But motley crowd of people happy with life, you see, rarity unusual. All this is framed with palm trees, continuous series of bars, cafe and restaurants.