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The processing. The group of branches of a metal industry includes metallurgy, metal working and mechanical engineering, including the electrotechnical industry, production of automobiles (and ship repair). The main place in this group belongs to transport and the general mechanical engineering, electrical equipment.

2/3 woods are in private possession, and with. about - you — 3/Annual about 50 — 55 million m In forest x-ve together with timber rafting are occupied 65 thousand people, except the peasants making the contingent occupied in this branch.

Share of Finland in a foreign trade turnover of the capitalist world — about 1%. However in export of a of a woodworking and the tsellyulyozo-paper industry it takes the 3rd place after and Sweden. As a part of export (the 197th production of a woodworking, cellulose and paper — 44%, production of a — 34%, textile and clothing industry — 8%, chemical industry — 7%, rural and forestry — 3%. In import 62% fall to the share of raw materials, fuel and lubricants — 6%, on ready industrial an, generally the equipment and cars — 17%, consumer goods — 14%. Import exceeds export. The deficit of an external is covered generally at the expense of loans.