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We choose an element DD from the most connected Raschityvay F for K9, K10, K11 and K12 positions as the most suitable for installation as F for other positions will be obviously more, and its calculation does not make sense.

In our case as all elements are equal, the matrix of weight coefficients in a formula 2 will be single therefore we will not specify this parameter. First of all we will install the socket in a K14 position since its situation is rigidly defined by design restrictions.

As the starting we take a point 1 and we 'delete' a column Local degree of top it is accepted equal the shortest communication on a matrix of distances at it with. We carry out communication. We consider two lines – the 1st and 2nd. The shortest communication between 1 and 8 between which the following communication is carried out. The column 'is deleted' we consider three lines Now – the 1st, 2nd, and the 8th. The smallest distance is available between 8 and 3, 8 and Is carried out these communications 'deleting'. columns., Etc.

The choice of a series of integrated chips for realization of the block of random access memory first of all is dictated by the speed of operation of such block. In this regard TTLSh series chips (transistor-transistor logic with Schottky's structure) are most preferable.

Having analysed the received results it is possible to see that configuration of the X1-X9 elements requires 3 chips of KR1531LA3, and only one element will be involved in the last from them. In our case it will be more rational to reduce block power to three. In this case the quantity of necessary chips will not change, and elements will be distributed as follows: X (1+4+, X(2+5+, X(3+6+. Let's finally accept to design such option of configuration.

When developing a design of printed-circuit boards the designer should solve circuitry (minimization of quantity of layers,, radio engineering (calculation of parasitic aimings), heattechnical (temperature condition of work of a payment and an element, constructive (placements), technological (a production method choice) tasks.