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Could not come in dream to Ptolomey and in a dream that it will finish the life the tsar in far Egypt. He was obliged by it to the master Alexander. His composition on Alexander became the basis for modern researches about Alexander.

It is known of Ptolomey's youth a little. He was the son Laga and Arsinoi. A family of mother consisted related to the Macedonian imperial house. Ptolomey's father - Laga treated one of respectable Macedonian families, owned extensive land possession.

The fertile earth was very little, in essence it was limited only to the valley of Nile. Strengthening of the power in all remote corners of the country was the main objective of Ptolomey. It was for this purpose necessary to construct accurately working control system and service of information. It adopted something at Pharaohs and Persians, but it had to build a lot of things most.