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The first explanation which is given more often than others and lies on a surface, looks so. Existence in Europe of a large number of the independent states with own currency manages too expensive. First of all it concerns costs for converting. In the XIV century merchants of Northern Germany were convinced how it is unprofitable to do business numerous neighbors – tiny principalities, duchies and kingdoms. Because of infinite exchanges of one money for others the part of revenue inevitably settled in chests at moneychangers. Then practical Germans concluded among themselves the currency alliance and started minting coins of a uniform sample. In essence this problem is not solved still.

A number of changes was brought: procedure of acceptance of new members in structure of the European communities was specified, membership conditions were also specified, decisions on expansion of jurisdiction and specification of structure of Court of the European communities were made.

The second effect is that the part of trade of member countries of integration process is reoriented from the outside world at each other that creates inconveniences to the surrounding countries and compels them to join integration process.

There was a problem: there will be no unanimity at making decisions on EVS. In this case the interesting concept of the so-called "advanced" development is fixed, i.e. a certain number of the states in the union can go on the way of the accelerated development and formation of structures, and not all EU member states can participate in such accelerated development.

Ian Taylor, the member of the House of Commons of parliament during John Major's board heading the Exchequer company considers that introduction of euro is inevitable, but is fraught with unpredictable economic consequences.

Taylor, as well as Zeyts, considers Great Britain as the leader in "race for euro". An example, from his point of view, preparatory activities can serve in London. As the United Kingdom does not take part in the first stage, British have the right to consider euro simply as one more foreign currency.

But there is more to come. There are no exact rules of recalculation. How to arrive, for example, with rounding in a case with lira and peseta? Here several times it is more than figure, than at calculation in DM or the Dutch guldens. The economic and Currency union demands to carry out all calculations to within the sixth sign after a comma, however it can lead to very amusing mistakes after rounding.

The European communities, as well as the EU, have the territory which develops of territories of member states. The territory of the EU is a limit of action and jurisdiction of the EU, for example the territory of the Customs union, uniform domestic market, EVS, etc.

Summarizing economic situations of the new document, it is necessary to pay attention that they had to provide transition to a new stage of cooperation, i.e. to the uniform economic and currency union (EVS).

For, at least, two years the limits of fluctuations of an exchange rate provided by the mechanism of exchange rates without devaluation in relation to currency of other EU Member States have to be observed.

Schuman's plan for a preservation of peace which was the prerequisite of the French-German reconciliation, became a starting point on creation of a new order in Europe at which any armed conflicts would become not only unacceptable, but also impossible. Both the CIS, and the EU succeeded that this ideal became reality. Today it is simply impossible to imagine emergence of armed conflict between the Union countries.

The first stage of integration is the conclusion of trade agreements on two - or a multilateral basis. An essence of such agreements – in decrease in this group of the countries of tariffs in comparison with tariffs for goods and services of other world and though such discrimination of the countries which are not participating in the agreement contradicts the principles of the GATT/the WTO, these measures are allowed as the interim, preparatory agreements directed on deepening of integration process.