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Writing an introduction to know

First, the Internet telephony will be for certain favorable to end users. With them more and more or less clearly — they receive telecommunication at quite low constant payment. But individuals will be able to use services of the Internet telephony only if in their region there is a computer and telephone lock. In other words, service will be favorable, only if for a call on a computer and telephone lock it is necessary to pay much less, than for a call actually to the addressee. Therefore for rendering of services it is very important to end users to construct an extensive network.

SNMP; 12 Ethernet interfaces (10/100 BaseT or 10Base-FL); ATM OC-3/STM-1; ATMForum ILMI and UNl 1: specification 802,1 (d) of functions of the bridge of an ostoany tree; Mechanisms of improvement of quality of connections: display of the CoS levels to ATM QoS; Additional information: support of virtual private networks (5 thousand routes for VPN).

Only due to improvement of algorithms of coding of the speech it is not necessary to count on further essential improvement of quality of IP-telephony. It is necessary to overcome a fundamental lack of the Internet — big and unpredictable delays by transfer of packages through long chains of routers. There are some possible decisions.

The second decision consists in replacement of traditionally used program routers by the hardware routing switchboards. Today the technology of the hardware routing switchboards roughly develops, but it is still insufficiently tested. Besides, this decision demands huge investments.

The first of them is based on introduction of protocols of reservation of resources (RSVP type), However there are doubts in scalability of this decision. Anyway it attracts additional expenses which should be transferred to Internet telephony tariffs.

Cenlrex Unlimited Appointment: the decision for service providers and the enterprises of any razmvr uniting IP-telephony, wireless and modem access; it is created on the basis of traditional Centrex option with considerably different ways of access: on the basis of 1 Mbps of the modem and wireless phone;