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Walking and run share on a fast pace (120 in min.), fluent (180 in min.), high-speed march on 4, 5, 9, 12 and 16 miles; run by throws on 30-40 yards (27-36 m) as a part of office, run on long distances (2, 3, 4, 5 miles), the mixed movement.

Whatever it happened it is useful to know the level of a physical of the probable opponent to resist to it in hand-to-hand fight, the nobility on what it is capable and it is simple to be familiar with the distinguished techniques of physical preparation.

Run on 50 yards with a burden on a back. Be paired off — the weight of partners has to be approximately equal. To carry by the partner on zakorka on distance in 50 yards. On the way back to change over. Time is set off to the bearing.

Medical examination has to be obligatory part of any program of physical and combat training. Without use of in details developed and coordinated programs of control it is impossible to reveal the available shortcomings, difficulties, places. Tests make the stimulating impact, giving a the chance to compare the absolute data with target figures of other members of the surveyed group.

Run on 350 yards with grenades. Distance of 50 yards. On the run through each 10 yards to put the grenade (wooden whetstone) on the earth. Only 5 grenades. Coming back, to lift each grenade and to put back in a bag. To repeat 3 times. It is simple to run the last 50 yards.

The program of combat and special training of marines provides working off of ways of landing from the ships, boats and helicopters, including a nonstop way, commission of parachute jumps from big and small heights, equipment and tactics of near fight, and also a course of rock-climbing and a course of a survival in difficult conditions.

Rises in Cyd. Are carried out from a prone position on a back, hands are linked behind the head, anklebones are cramped. Raising a trunk, to sit down; every time to touch by an elbow an opposite knee. On performance 3 minutes are given.