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The future of small business looks brilliant. More and more men and women, young men and girls will begin to participate in small business. And they will be more and more prepared for work mainly thanks to the best education and broad support from society.

Difficultly to compare different generations, in each generation were, there will be different people. Besides, people are inclined to absolutize own habits and tastes therefore at part of people of advanced age into the forefront external, minor lines act. Each generation costs on shoulders previous, not always realizing this continuity.

Of course, these results can be interpreted as very deplorable squanderings of qualification potential of the population in sense. But, on the other hand, in conditions when the education system is not capable to train experts according to inquiries of labor market, without readiness of people, first of all young, to change of specialty at the individual level, reforms in the sphere of economy would be doomed to a failure.

The "unsuccessful" youth on the social origin concentrates generally in the lower status groups of society. If at "safe" specified that to their father was succeeded to achieve success in life of 63,7%, and mother — 62,3%, at "unsuccessful" the corresponding indicators made only 36,5% and 40,1% respectively. Concerning opportunity to pass into chances of "safe", higher on the status of group, and "unsuccessful" are also various. If among "" (on the whole expect to achieve natives of the most successful layers of societies of 60,1% bigger, than their parents, among "unsuccessful" hope to achieve bigger, than their parents, only 44,3%. Thus, if among "safe" orientation to vertical mobility and successful realization of quite wide range of inquiries dominates, among "unsuccessful" not simply stagnant poverty, but disbelief in the opportunities to escape from "bottoms" of society is formed.