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The personal computer and the Internet, their availability and reliability, promote penetration into all spheres of society of new information technologies. These technologies are, perhaps, the first in the history of mankind, providing growth of productivity in a services sector.

hundreds of times a day all participants of the tourist market communicate... means, it is necessary to be able to work with information, to collect, process and make on its basis only the right decision.

Monitors. The basic requirement of our firm - permission 800 on 600 - cannot already be characterized today by the words "excessive", "ruinous", even "big". In a different way it is impossible to work today. Terms of reasonable operation of fourteen-inch monitors already passed, acquisition new such at the moment (except cases of installation of the server behind which it is not necessary to work) seriously cannot be considered, of course.

The competition between tour agencies is very high. However there is an opportunity to place your paid advertizing under concrete inquiries. First of all I recommend to pay attention to offers of system of Yandex.

For submission of information on a product suppliers are compelled to print booklets, to participate in exhibitions, to give advertizing. Tour operators, in turn, spend funds for the printing of catalogs and promo tours for the employees and tour agencies. By preparation of the catalogs the tour operator can assume inaccuracies that leads to problems at realization of a tourist's product.

Persons interested will work at Mac, of course, always, but most of heads of tour agencies hardly ever will consider seriously Mac as real alternative though today, after submission of its new, hemispherical version, the large head can deliver, of course, to himself such on a table as a souvenir: after all any of the offered programs to Vask-offisa does not support him. But to read mail and on-line it is possible to go. With investments will be already worse. Upon full transition to the web interface it will be possible and to try. After all Mac is a destiny of graphic designers, but not managers of tour agencies, at least today.

At realization of a product, the tour operator has to transfer constantly to the supplier information on the realization course, lists of the coming-around clients. The supplier, in case of realization of his services by many tour operators has to inform quickly them on the changes in price and is timely

Working on old technology, the supplier reports to tour operator the forms of permits, and settles the clients who arrived with these permits. But this scheme is not convenient to tour operator as he is obliged to issue the permit to the client.

image of the reliable company. Besides, most of clients by the time of arrival to office already decided on a round choice that considerably reduces load of managers at office. If communication with intra office program of automation of tour agency that is provided in the software, for example, by the time of arrival of the tourist to office to it necessary documents can be already written out, preliminary booking of this round at the operator, etc. is made.

For search of suppliers, the tour operator spends in business trips much time, goes on exhibitions, and itself spends large sums at an exhibition. Costs of carrying out this work lead to increase in prime cost of a tourist's product, and respectively to decrease in its competitive capacity in the market.

Compare your losses to expenses, necessary for automation, about them separate conversation. Estimate readiness of the personnel to work or learn to work. Perhaps, and there can be expenses. Communicate to colleagues who were already automated.

It appears, to sell more numbers in hotel and places on flight, than is, it is impossible. The system will always prompt to the user. He will see that was mistaken and decided to sell round below cost, got to STOP-SALE, sold round on '"yesterday" and many other things.

Tourism is today the global computerized business in which the largest airlines, hotel chains and tourist corporations of the whole world participate. The modern tourist's product becomes more flexible and individual, more attractive and available to the consumer.