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The teenage group (youth till 18 years) represents generally pupils of high schools and professional schools. Generally they are not involved in work. However considerable decline in living standards of the most part of the population changed living position of this category of youth. Many of them seek to earn money with the main way. They enter on labor market, joining ranks of the unemployed.

The educational institution of additional professional education is created for increase of professional knowledge of experts, improvement of their business qualities, preparation them to performance of new labor functions.

The system of assistance to youth business is designed according to the subprogramme "Support of youth business" on the basis of experience in this direction for the previous period, realization of a number of local projects and programs, scientific development and sociological researches.

Result of activity of regional structure of assistance to youth business – the independent economic entity which is well adapted for functioning in specific conditions of the external market environment.

For businessmen creation new from the very beginning is more attractive, than acquisition of the enterprise. They prefer own production or service, own workers, suppliers, want to choose location, etc.

The present situation with teenage employment causes big alarm. To a bowl of everything is it self-employment like a wash of cars and trade in newspapers or work in "shadow" sector of economy. The legal market of unqualified child labor is narrowest. "McDonald's"

Business (business activity) is defined as the initiative independent activity of citizens and their associations directed on receiving profit. That it is carried out at own risk and under property responsibility of the businessman belongs to distinctive features of business activity.

1 lack of own means – financing of activity of the new enterprise is often interfaced for the businessman to heartrending experiences. It is explained by inability reasonably to estimate the needs for money, and also insufficiency of ideas of where it is more expedient to receive the necessary means.

Fund the non-profit organization which does not have membership founded by citizens and (or) legal entities on the basis of voluntary property contributions pursuing social, charitable, cultural, educational or other socially useful purposes admits.

The fund uses property for the purposes defined in its charter. The fund has the right to be engaged in the business activity necessary for achievement of the socially useful purposes for the sake of which the fund is created, and answering these purpose. For implementation of business activity funds have the right to create economic societies or to participate in them.

Feature of funds is that circumstance that this organization is not based on membership of participants. Thus, the last not only are not obliged to participate in its activity, but, and opportunities directly to participate in management of its affairs are deprived

Cooperation assumes rendering scientific and methodical, information and organizational and technical support of assistance to regional structure youth businesses within 2 years with the subsequent conclusion of the last to the self-financing mode.

The non-profit organization can carry out business activity only so far as it serves achievement of the objectives for the sake of which it is created. Such activity admit the production of the goods and services answering to the purposes of creation of non-profit organization, and also acquisition and implementation of securities, the property and non-property rights, participation in economic societies and participation in associations on belief in quality vkladchika.9 making profit

In 25-29 years young people, generally already make a professional choice, have a certain qualification, some life and professional experience. They know that want, most often already have own family and make rather great demands of the offered work. The most important indicators of a situation in labor market are dynamics of unemployment rate, the capacity and market condition of work, a ratio of supply and demand and its structure.