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· Material capacity of a public product is estimated as the relation of expenses of raw materials, materials, fuel, energy and other objects of the labor to a gross public product. Material capacity of production of branch (association, the enterprise) as the relation of material inputs to total amount of the made production:

· In a national economy, in its separate branches, in particular in the industry, the capital productivity indicator, the return to a capital intensity indicator is widely applied. Capital productivity as the relation of volume of the made production of Q to the average cost of the fixed business assets of F is estimated.

· The essential place in a national economy of the country is taken by production infrastructure. Objects of all means of transport, communications of system electro - oil and a, water supply, a material (warehouses, storages, etc.) concern to her. Here systems of an of information and computer facilities, complexes of networks and communications enter.

At determination of efficiency of expenses according to target programs overall effectiveness and efficiency of separate actions and tasks pay off. Thus indicators of overall effectiveness are defined proceeding from the periods of receiving effect and implementation of expenses. According to the same target comprehensive programs which end products - the element of a gain of the final product of a national, the most important indicator of efficiency is an of end products of the program in value or natural terms to full (taking into account the interfaced branches) to expenses in creation of the program.

· Indicators of a and a capital intensity of production are to a certain extent close among themselves. The indicator of a capital intensity of production shows the attitude of size of capital investments to the gain of output determined by them:

· By comparison of versions of economic or decisions, placements of the enterprises and their complexes, new or reconstruction of the operating enterprises, a choice of interchangeable production, introduction of new types of equipment, etc. the comparative economic of expenses pays off. The main indicator of the most option defined as a result of calculations of economic efficiency, - a minimum brought ­.

As effect of expenses in development of a production the production effect, and also the effect gained in a national economy is accepted. It includes: costs of development of key branches of a material owing to development of branches of infrastructure; cooperation and specializations of production; increase of reliability and efficiency of production management ­ security with means of communication and information processing; acceleration of turnover of current assets and material resources and the reduction of stocks caused by it in key branches; decrease in product cost in key branches due to influence of infrastructure; reduction and elimination of losses of materials and equipment and other material damage; social effect in the form of impact of branches of an on expansion of the range of services to the population, qualities of its service, saving of personal time of a and other social and economic consequences.

For a complete idea of overall effectiveness of expenses the generalized characteristic of cost and indexes is necessary. This purpose is served the overall and comparative effectiveness of expenses.

· The indicator of efficiency of Ep is determined by again under construction enterprises, shops, other and separate actions as the relation of the planned profit to investments (estimated cost):

· On the economic complexes separate ­, and also to forms of reproduction of fixed assets (to rearmament, reconstruction and expansion of and the organization) the overall economic efficiency ­ pays off as the profit gain relation (a of costs of productions or the self-supporting income (DP) to capital investments To:

The indicators given above have limited nature of use, all of them (except an indicator of productivity public work do not give a full, comprehensive about economic efficiency of production and expenses, and characterize only use of a certain type of resources.