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As distinctive feature of real estate also that at the microlevel - an inhabited cell (the apartment, the room, the house) - she acts as private goods serves, and at the macrolevel - as part of infrastructure and public goods.

- compensations of the expenses on elimination of shortcomings of goods. In case of essential violation of requirements to quality of a (detection of ineradicable shortcomings, shortcomings which cannot be eliminated without disproportionate expenses or expenses of time, either come to light repeatedly or are shown after their elimination again, and others similar a shortcoming the buyer has the right at the choice:

Fourthly, it is necessary that will of the participant of the transaction it to the valid will, that is, there has to be the correct of results of the transaction, and its commission has to be voluntary.

Nevertheless, this method has two big pluses. The first is an ease in calculations that, apparently, and is the reason of application by his many owners, (For calculation of a rate the sum of investments is subtracted from the general inflow of money and the result shares on work of number of the years making the possession period, and initial own the capital. The second big advantage consists that the method of the average annual income will show the approximate size of an internal rate of the income if the following two conditions are met;

Especially it should be noted that investment of capital in the land plots is attractive and available, at least, for middle class, way of investment into real estate. Thus the price level which buyers of the land plot need to overcome, is much lower, than at those who gets the apartment or a country house in property.