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Thus, sealing of the equipment promotes considerable reduction of capital and operational costs on ventilation, and to providing in shops of the purity of the air environment demanded by sanitary standards.

The damage caused to the personnel of the enterprises and the population which is not occupied on this production is expressed in deterioration of working conditions, increase in incidence and traumatism, increase in costs of medical care of the population and payment for social insurance.

The program making research of leak of gas in emergency operation is written in the Javascript language and built in the text of the hypertext document, which is possible a browser the Internet like Internet Explorer in Windows9 OS

Thus, now there are engineering decisions which rational application gives the chance to provide purity of a ground layer of air at the chemical and petrochemical companies and in the settlements adjoining to them with the minimum capital and operational expenditure.

For each point x there correspond the adverse weather conditions. The combination of small speeds of a wind and the weakened turbulent exchange results in the maximum values of land concentration of harmful substances near a source. At long distances x adverse conditions of pollution of the atmosphere are shown at the strengthened hashing and considerable speeds of a wind.

It is possible to determine amount of the gas following from the equipment by this formula only if test for density was made with the same gas and at its same temperature which will be in the equipment in working order.

Also the state of environment causing degradation of forestry and agricultural grounds worsens wear of housing stock and municipal services is accelerated, reservoirs become soiled, work of road economy, vehicles and means of communication, etc. worsens.

Interaction between the nature and the person is studied by science - ecology. In the course of the economic activity of people influences the nature, improving or destroying it. Scales of a production activity of the person are so great, what it is necessary to consider it.

For example, according to production researches from bathtubs of electrolysis of chlorine at insufficient their sealing even at depression of 40 - 60 Pas it can be allocated to 70 g/h of chlorine for one bathtub. Necessary air exchange for removal of this amount of chlorine makes about 70000 m3/h. At good sealing release of chlorine decreases by 3 — 4 times.

Creation of the laboratories equipped with a wind tunnel and a set of necessary devices which all design institutes and the operating enterprises which are carrying out reconstruction for improvement of a condition of the atmosphere on an industrial hub could use and in the residential area could promote the successful solution of an objective.

It should be noted that at a stationary stream of infinite length the consumption of harmful gas from the equipment is equal to zero. If indoors where the equipment is installed, there was absolutely not indignant air environment, the that field of concentration of harmful substances which is created round sources of their allocation would not be broken, and the expense of substance would equal to zero. But as in the ventilated rooms air is always mobile, and the air environment in them turbulizutsya by stitched and thermal streams, the current at the soaking-up opening is broken, and the field of concentration round the equipment is washed away. As a result of it concentration of harmful substances near the equipment decreases, from the equipment harmful substances come to the room.