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For the American industry the tendency to decrease in specific weight of raw branches, traditional branch of mechanical engineering - metal working, the light and food industry is characteristic. As well as in agriculture, in these branches modernization of production base, and the output as a result increasing is carried out (according to solvent demand) is followed by absolute reduction of employment in them. At the same time the share of key industries which production promotes transformation of the technical device and technological processes in other branches grows.

Restructuring of industrial production is based on the rapid interconnected growth of three key industries of the modern industry: mechanical engineering, power industry and chemical industry. Their cumulative share in the industry of the USA exceeds 50%, these branches - the main field of the application of the capital, 55 - 60% of all investments into the industries are the share of them, these branches became base of origin and formation of new knowledge-intensive productions, more and more defining development of national economy.

For a number of decades the share of a mining industry in structure of all industrial production of the USA was reduced. It was connected with natural deterioration of conditions of production, increase of extent of processing of initial raw materials and active transition of the country to import of cheap raw material resources. Promoted it and fast development of the branches making substitutes of natural raw materials, creating new composite materials. At the same time decrease in specific weight of the extracting branches is connected with the general for economy of the USA process of decrease in production of expenses of materials, raw materials and energy. At the same time fast modernization of a mining industry significantly increased growth rates of labor productivity in this branch in comparison with the industry in general.